Conpulsion 2014, Battletech and Alpha Strike

This years Conpulsion was another great weekend of gaming. About 350 people attended over the 2 days and I can honestly say that everyone I met there was having a good time and had a smile on their face. They ran 40 rpg slots with 25 GM’s over the weekend 



Lets face it. It's cold and miserable out there but in here the heaters are on, the music is playing, the chat is good and the only thing thats missing is tea. So we've teamed up with Tea at 94 today to bring you the free tea deal!

If you come by the shop today and stop in for tea next door on your way, we'll reimburse you for your cup of tea, or if you fancy doing it the other way round, we'll pay for your tea if you pop next door after visiting us. Either way it's free tea time! No other purchase is necessary in either shop and there is a limit of 1 mug of tea per customer but thats it. No hooks, no catches, no small print. Just free tea on a miserable day.



A big birthday update

With only a few days to go here's an update of whats going on:

A late night update on the Birthday

The latest update on the Birthday Party. Have a look at whats going on:

and if anything there tempts you, we'd love to see you at the party.

Where: The Victoria Park Hotel

When: From 11am, Sunday 27th October 2014 (this Sunday)

Cost: Nothing! Free! All day for everything, even the cake!

Robots! Giant Robots! and a discount...

For those of you haven’t been down to the shop on a Tuesday for a while, we’ve been playing Battletech a lot. When I say we, I mean Harlan and I, and when I say playing I mean dropping dice on the table, furiously colouring dots, consulting rulebooks and laughing very, very hard. Never go into the water. Even if its only level 1 water and you only need a 4+. If you’ve played, you know why…


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