About us

Black Lion is Edinburgh's premier retailer for roleplaying games, traditional games, card games, board games and wargames.

We are open 10-6 Monday to Saturday.

We also have a late opening (until 9:30pm) most Mondays when we host a casual Magic night.

We have a huge selection of RPG's - D&D 4th edition and 3.5, Dark Heresy, Hero System, Palladium, GURPS, World of Darkness, Exalted and many others. We also carry a range of Indie games like 3:16 and Hot War and are hoping to have more lines like these in soon.

Our boardgames range is extensive too, with a large selection of games by companies such as Rio Grande, Days of Wonder, Mayfair and UberPlay to name but a few.

We also have an ever growing variety of cardgames including the hugely successful Munchkin range by Steve Jackson Games as well as Bang! Once Upon A Time, Lunch Money and Fluxx to name but a few. With all this and CCG's like Magic the Gathering, Vampire The Eternal Struggle and Legend of the Five Rings you'd think we wouldn't have the space for all our other accessories but there is always more. Deck protectors, card folders, portfolios, magazines and comics to start. Then there are the 2 ranges of paint we carry as well as brushes and glues for your miniatures. We carry Warmachine figures as well as Ral Partha fantasy, miniatures for Battletech and too many more to mention here.

We also carry a large variety of Traditional games like chess, Go, dominoes, cribbage boards, chinese chequers, mancala, backgammon and mah-jong. In addition to these we have a range of different poker chips, playing cards and roulette wheels if you fancy setting up your own home casino. With all this and much much more in our store its always worth a visit to see what you can find! Alternatively why not give us a call and see if we have what you're looking for in stock. If not then we'll be happy to order it for you and let you know when it arrives. You can find our contact details here.

- the Black-Lion team

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